PRIDE Alliance at Georgia College

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January 27th Executive meeting minutes

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January 27 Exec Meeting Notes

1. Pattern of alternating serious and social nights has been established.

2. Definitions of LGBT terms that Amanda found to be added to Pride Website.

3. If classes are cancelled tomorrow (Jan 28), then the general meeting will be canceled. This would be the presentation of Pride 101

4. Feb 4. Social Night Jeopardy

5. Feb 11. Condom handouts with Young Democrates/Angels (???)


7. Pride walking in Homecoming Parade, Kate will attend informational meeting Feb 2 @ train depo. Bring a banner and candy to hand out at parade.

8. Paint a Paw print, Feb. 15

9. Tent City – Homecoming weekend 11 am – 8 pm

10. LGBT advisory board

11. Lavender Graduation- Honors LGBT and ally graduates.

12. Tableing for Drag Show (in drag?)

13. Flyers for Drag Show – Charles in charge

Next Exec meeting- Feb 19 @ 7:30 the pickle barrel


January 14th Executive meeting minutes

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Exec Board Pride Meeting 1/14

• Goals for semester (individual and group)

• Get everyone’s phone numbers

• Drag show plans

o Date for drag show and auditions

o Media blitz

o Charity to donate to

o Update on work over break

• Schedule for Jan. meetings

• Email Rebecca Kling- Amanda

• Fill Secretary role- Ashley


• Game nights/fun meetings once a month

• Movie nights separate from regular meetings

• Make trivia group- compete at Buffingtons etc

• Exec board bonding time

• Put secretary notes on website

• Cynthia: help keep office tidy; keep us organized

Thursday April 10th Drag Show

Wednesday April 9th dress rehearsal

Look at budget for drag show and rest of semester

Talk to theater department about performers

Drag show auditions- Feb 11th 12th 13th at 7pm

Have a designated photographer

Look at campus pride index

Rehearsal schedule

Make list of supportive churches and put on website

Chalking on Sunday for meetings

Michael Richenbacher- campus architect, willing to make gender-neutral bathrooms

PR committee members run social groups


Jan 21st Meeting:

Announce auditions

Mention charities for drag show

Briefly talk about committees

Talk about PRIDE’s purpose and goals

Ask for group photographer

Game night w/ pizza

Jan 28th Meeting:

Gender neutral bathrooms- where do we most need them

Talk in depth about committees (social medias)

Resources in PRIDE office

Basic terminology presentation

Vote on charity

To do:

Kate: put charity info on both FB pages; message Justin and Alyssa; send Charles meeting notes

Amanda: reach out to media; email Rebecca Kling; index of books in PRIDE office

Charles: write sponsor letter; put notes on website