PRIDE Alliance at Georgia College

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Our Mission

The mission of the Georgia College PRIDE gay-straight alliance is to affirm the existence and development of LGBTQ individuals at GC, and to support a strong and welcoming community among them and allies within the larger institution. The program works to lessen the prejudice that limits the educational experience and well-being of LGBTQ community members and others within the institution. The group provides an open, diverse, and comfortable atmosphere in which all members of the GC community may explore sexual and gender identity issues and serves as a central point for campus LGBTQ resources, services, and programs. Through its work, the group contributes to the University's pledge to facilitate an environment full of diversity, equity, leadership development, and intellectual exploration.


To accomplish this goal, The PRIDE Alliance offers a variety of services to the community.


  • Our on-campus group holds weekly meetings every Tuesday night at 7:00pm (location may vary, feel free to ask). These meeting are open to all students, faculty, staff, and community members who wish to attend. Meetings are composed of many different events, ranging anywhere from serious discussions, documentary viewings, and guest speakers, to movie nights, water balloon fights, and pizza parties. 
  • Topics discussed in Pride include, but are not limited to: homophobia and trans*phobia, bullying, protests, marriage equality, gender expression and identity, sexual health, queer people of color, art, history, HIV/AIDS, coming out, importance of community, self defense, and sexuality. 
  • Pride hosts larger events outside of the weekly meetings. In the past we have attended summits, marched at Atlanta Pride, run our annual charity drag show, sponsored guest speakers or entertainers, held social events off campus, and sponsored various activities around campus to promote our goals.
  • The Open Closet is Pride Alliance's office and resource center on campus. The Open Closet contains hundreds of books, movies, and more ready to be checked out or used whenever you need them. The Open Closet is currently located in the Cultural Center in the Smith House (between Parkhurst and Wells). 

Contact us!
Our office "The Open Closet" is currently located in the Cultural Center (Smith House, between Parkhurst Hall and Wells Hall).

You can email us at [email protected] or find us on Facebook or Twitter!